Everything Apple Didn't Announce at its September 10 Event

As the tech news cycle is still dominated by all of the big news from yesterday’s Apple Event, I thought I’d break down everything that DIDN’T get announced. Some of these may be coming at event later this year, other’s are rumored to have been scrapped last minute, maybe we’ll never know...


One of the biggest emissions from this event was Apple’s location tracker tags. Rumors have been persisted since Spring that the company was working on a product that compete with Tile, allowing users to place a small device in a backpack or purse and be able to locate them if they were lost or stolen. The Apple tags reportedly use Apple devices around the item to help pinpoint its location. These may be launching at another hardware event later this year, but it would have made a lot of sense to launch alongside the new iPhones.


Speaking of iPhones, reverse wireless charging was reportedly cut from the iPhone at the very last minute. Credible Apple analysts and publications like Bloomberg confirmed this feature was coming to the iPhone 11 Pro for months, and then confirmed the feature was axed right before the event. We’ll never know the true story behind this, but once the teardowns of the new phones begin, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reverse wireless charging technology is already inside.


Other missing items that could be coming soon, a totally new redesigned 16 inch Macbook Pro with slim bezels, Face ID, and a brand new keyboard...an iPad Pro with a triple camera setup like on the iPhone Pro...no HomePod Mini, no AR Glasses, and no Apple TV, though we weren’t expecting much from that one anyways.

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