Amazon Introduces New Echos, Smart Glasses, and More

Amazon announced more than half a dozen smart devices at an event at their HQ in Seattle this morning, giving us Alexa in everything from earbuds to microwave ovens. Here are the highlights:

All-new Amazon Echo on desk.jpg

Let’s start with what we expected. Amazon introduced a number of yearly updates their bread and butter - the echo dot, regular echo speaker, and echo show. Updates to those devices were relatively minior, there is new Echo Dot now includes a built in LED clock, the Echo Speker has new improved speakers to match the higher end Echo Plus, and the EchoShow now comes in an 8 inch screen size.


There were some new additions to the Echo Speaker line announced today, including the new Echo Studio. It’s the highest end speaker Amazon currently offers, packing a one -inch tweeter and three two-inch midrange speakers, 3D audio, and Dolby atoms the inside. It will ship in November for a retail price of $199.

Echo Frames bedside table.jpg

Besides the normal arsenal of Echo refreshes Amazon also announced a handful of other Alexa enabled devices. The rumored Alexa enabled earbuds were officially announced with built in Bose technology for noise cancellation, though there was no big health push with them as previously reported. There’s also the Echo Frames, a pair of glasses with Alexa built in. There’s no camera or screen, so you’ll only communicate with Alexa via the glasses’s built in speaker and microphone. And then, there’s the Echo Loop. A $130 small smart ring that can summon Alexa by using your finger. It has built in haptics to notify you of notifications, and will be available by invitation only.

Robert RosenfeldComment