The Google Pixel 4 is Coming...


Google sent out invites to the media today, inviting them to a hardware event on October 15th in New York City. Though the invitation was a bit vague, the company has been anything but, playing into the leaks and rumors of the Pixel 4 and even teasing some of the phone’s biggest features before it’s official announcement. We’re expecting the Pixel 4 to have a dual-camera set up in a square setup like on the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The phone is set to pack the latest Snapdragon processor, more ram, and will feature hand gesture support for controlling apps on screen.


Amazon is fighting back against the Wall Street Journal after a report claims the e-commerce giant is adjusting search results to remain in their favor. The report from the Journal claims Amazon is adjusting certain aspects of search results to prioritize its own products over the competition. It’s well known that Amazon does everything to promote their own products like the Kindle or FireTV, but customers may be unaware Amazon is pushing its own products in other categories as well, like kitchen supplies or other household goods. An Amazon spokesperson said the company looks at a number of metrics and that the WSJ’s story is not factually accurate.


And Apple Arcade is slated to launch at the end of the week, but it’s coming early for some Apple Customers. If you’re running iOS 13 on the Apple software beta program, you may have early access to the company’s new gaming subscription service. You can head into the App Store and check for yourself, though don’t worry if you don’t, Apple Arcade will open up to everyone by the end of the week. Just as a refresher, the service gives you exclusive access to select games that can be played across iOS devices, the Apple TV, and Mac, for $5 per month.

Robert RosenfeldComment