iPhone 11 Pre Order: Tips and Tricks


The new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro go on sale tomorrow, I repeat: The Pre Order Time has changed! Apple has typically launched iPhone pre orders the Friday following the keynote at 12AM Pacific, 3AM Eastern for a number of years now, but that will not be the change this year. Apple announced the change at their September 10th media event earlier this week, though didn’t provide a clear explanation as to why. Some last minute tips for those of you planning to pre-order, take a look at the Apple website and figure out which Model, Color, and Capacity you want before pre orders go live, because once the store is online, every second counts. Download the Apple Store app on an iOS device to make things even smoother, and if you are on the iPhone Upgrade program, head to the app and get pre-approved for your new phone before 9PM Pacific to save yourself some time tomorow morning. Good luck, and happy pre-ordering!


Spotify is making it tougher for friends to split the bill on a Spotify Family Plan. The streaming music giant has implemented new terms and conditions that require proof that everyone on the plan resides at the same address, and then will follow up on that info from time to time. Spotify briefly made users prove their location by granting Spotify access to their exact GPS coordinates, but that quickly stopped over growing privacy concerns. It’s unclear how users will have to verify their home location, but the six ad free unlimited users for $15 a month may make the hassle worth it, its a hard to deal to pass up.


Apple is implementing a new billing grace period so users won’t lose immediate access to premium app features. The new guidelines allow users to not loose any app functionality if a payment fails to complete or a subscription doesn’t auto renew with the payment method tied to their Apple ID. Developers who have subscription apps are now able to implement support for the new billing grace period.

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