Apple Card Arrives Early For Some Customers


The Apple Credit Card is set to hit digital wallets sometime this month, but some lucky customers are getting it earlier. Apple announced this morning it has begun rolling out the Apple Card to select customers in the US, though how they are selected and what criteria the company is using is unknown. Apple released a number of videos detailing the card’s setup processes and how it works, creating some buzz for the wider public rollout later this month.


Disney CEO Bob Iger says customers will be able to bundle three of the company’s streaming services for the same monthly price as Netflix. Disney will offer a subscription to Hulu, ESPN+, and the upcoming Disney+ for $12.99 a month, not a bad deal considering the wide variety of content available on the platforms. The news comes during the rise of subscription services with every big media company seemingly pulling their content off of Netflix or Hulu and spinning up their own streaming service. The deal will available in November, the same time Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV+, will be up and running.


Heading back to school is never fun, but maybe some cheap music will make it a little better...Amazon announced today that Prime Student members can get Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99 cents a month. A Prime Student membership gets you all of the benefits of the full-fledged Prime membership for about $7 a month, and also the ability to use the service free for 6 months. The deal sounds sweet, especially compared to Apple Music which charges $5 a month, though for that same $5 you can get access to Spotify Premium and either Showtime or Hulu, that’s a deal that really can’t be beaten.

Robert RosenfeldComment