Apple Kills MacBook, Releases New MacBook Air & Pro


Amidst a slew of updates and the kick-off of the annual Back to School Promo, Apple quietly killed off its super slim, single port MacBook and an aging older model MacBook Air earlier today. The only four-year-old MacBook was a gamble by the tech giant that never found the success the company had anticipated, namely because it directly competed with the similarly specced, priced, and designed MacBook Air line and to a lesser extent, the MacBook Pro. Other changes today included the removal of the base 13-inch MacBook Pro without touch bar in favor of a model with a touch bar, and the addition of True Tone Display support and a lower price point for the MacBook Air now starting at $999. Rumor has it that Apple is planning a big MacBook Pro refresh sometime next year that should bring lots of changes, but if you’re looking into getting a MacBook Air, now is the best time to buy


Amazon and Google continue to mend fences, as YouTube has returned to the FireTV, and Prime Video is back on Chromecast. The two companies have been working to improve a strained relationship for the past few months after both Google and Amazon pulled their own services off of the other’s various platforms. Things are getting better though, as most Google and Amazon services have been restored, though Youtube is still noticeably missing from Amazon’s Echo Show line of smart speakers with a display. No word on if or when that is ever coming back

Source: HBOMax

Source: HBOMax

We’ve got new details on the AT&T / Warner Media streaming service, pointing to big content switches coming in the somewhat near future. The service called HBO Max will debut with 10,000 hours of programming when it launches in the Spring of 2020, largely built up by the catalog of content owned by the companies. This means shows like Friends will be pulled off Netflix and other competitors to live exclusively on this new platform. HBO Max will also include some original content as well, though specifics on pricing and platform compatibility still remain a mystery.