Regal Offering Unlimited Movies - But There's A Catch

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 10.30.03 PM.png

Regal has announced a new movie subscription service, because better late than never - right? The service called Regal Unlimited sounds like its former trailblazer MoviePass, offering unlimited movie viewing for a flat price per month, but there is a catch. Regal’s offering a tiered system, offering unlimited movies and a discount on food and drinks starting at $19 a month, depending on theaters near you. If you live in a big city like LA or New York, you’ll have to pony up a few extra bucks for the Unlimited All Acess Plan that gives you access to those theaters. Not nearly as intuitive or as affordable as MoviePass, but other theater chains like AMC price its A-List similarly and has found success. 


After a year of deliberation, T-Mobile and Sprint have been given the final approval for the two companies to merge. The deal comes with some strings attached - Satellite TV company Dish enters the mobile provider game as a new player, agreeing to buy Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile from Sprint along with as well as an unspecified amount of wireless spectrum space to operate. Dish also has access to T-Mobile’s network for the next 7 years as it works to build out its own infrastructure. As always there are pros and cons with the merger - the combination of Sprint and T-Mobile will mean big improvements for customers on both sides, especially Sprint, and the move is especially important as wireless companies work to build out their 5G networks across the U.S. before 5G capability phones become mainstream. On the other hand, the move means less competition with Verizon, AT&T, and the new T-Mobile becoming the big three. 


Bloomberg says the Apple Credit Card is just weeks away from launching. Sources say the digital card is on track for a summer launch debuting in the first half of August. Anyone with iOS 12.4 and an iPhone will be able to sign up for the virtual card, which gives access to daily cash back, 3% cash back on Apple purchases, smart categorization, and more, all while living inside the digital wallet app. There is a physical, titanium version of the card available as well, but no word yet on if that will be launching alongside the digital version, and if it carries an additional cost.