Apple's Billion Dollar Bet


Apple announced today that the company would be acquiring a majority of Intel’s cellular modem division for about $1 Billion. For that price, Apple will gain about 2200 Intel employees, an array of related Intel intellectual property, and a bunch of equipment and leases - Apple is essentially taking everything. This is a big move for Apple as another prime example of the company’s large effort to bring the iPhone’s biggest components in-house, lessening the need to rely on third-party manufacturers to supply parts critical to the iPhone, i.e. Qualcomm. Analysts say Apple will use this acquisition as a way to bolster 5G technology for the upcoming 2020 iPhone lineup. This is Apple’s second-largest acquisition, right after Beats.


Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold is officially coming back. The tech giant announced it fixed many of the issues with the first iteration of the device, with the new and improved retail unit sporting an extended protective layer, a reduced gap between the hinge and body, and many other improvements that Samsung says will stop any remaining issues. The company says the phone will launch in September, but no other release information has been made available. T-Mobile announced today it will NOT be carrying the fold, saying it already offers customers a wide range of smartphones.


Google says sales of the Pixel are on the up and up thanks to the launch of the lower cost Pixel 3A series. The company says Pixel sales have doubled year-over-year, thanks to, in part, its wider availability across more carriers in the United States. The Pixel line has been a notorious hard sale for Google as the company aims to compete with Samsung and Apple, but has admitted before the phone has not been selling as expected. We’ve already seen leaks of the Pixel 4, with Google even confirming them as real, and it will be interesting to see the strategy this time around when that phone launches sometime this fall.