The RED Hydrogen Two is Coming


 RED CEO Jim Jannard that the company is hard at work on a second version of the Red Hydrogen Phone, a smartphone many would consider to be the worst phone of the past 12 months. The phone touted a world-class camera experience via an add on module and a one-of-a-kind 3D experience on the screen, but the phone was plagued with bugs and issues and reviewers were not so kind. RED says the Hydrogen One’s issues were due to an unnamed Chinese supplier and that the successor to that phone is being built virtually from scratch. No word on pricing or availability, though RED says owners of the current phone will get preferential treatment when it comes to availability and pricing of the Hydrogen Two. 


DoorDash will be changing their tipping system after it came under fire following a report from The New York Times. DoorDash was essentially taking a portion of tip money given by customers, and using that money to pay for fees built into the price, instead of giving the full amount of the customer’s tip to the driver. The company’s CEO took to Twitter to apologize and says they will change the system to ensure to the full tip amount goes to dasher.


Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission have officially come to terms after the massive Cambridge Analytica Scandal last year. The terms of the deal include Facebook pay a $5 Billion Dollar fine, that’s the second-largest fine ever imposed by the FTC, as well as numerous added layers of oversight, security and privacy audits, and more. Government agencies believe the new restrictions will ensure Facebook complies with the new guidelines, avoiding any kind of similar privacy scandal in the future.