Apple's Next CEO


A new report from Bloomberg profiles Apple’s new CEO in the making, and he is a whole lot like Tim Cook more than Steve Jobs. Jeff Williams is the Chief Operating Officer at Apple, overseeing all aspects of operations as well as being the main internal lead of the Apple Watch since before the original model debuted. The report from Bloomberg spoke to those who know Williams, with many saying he is data and analytics-driven and is 95% operations and 5% product. Williams has Meade headlines recently after it was reported that he would be leading the design team after Apple’s longtime Chief Design Officer Jony Ive transitions out of the company to a private venture next year. Though Tim Cook will probably not leave Apple anytime soon, many say that Jeff Williams is the obvious internal choice as the next Apple CEO.


Talks are back on between Apple and Intel for an acquisition of the processor giant’s cell modem business. We had heard reports that Apple had been in talks with Intel a few months ago to aquire their entire cullar modem devision but according to sources, the talks sort of fell through. It looks like those talks are back on and analysts say the price of that division could cost Apple roughly $1 Billion dollars. The amount sounds crazy, but when you look at the amount Apple is paying to model supplier Qualcomm, $8 to $9 per iPhone as a royalty fee for using its chips and between $5-$6 billion to settle their legal dispute, it seems like a bargain. Sources say the acquisition could wrap up soon.