Is Face App Safe to Use?


FaceApp is back in headlines and across social media feeds turning people older, younger, and giving then all sorts of new features, but should you use it? Many have taken to social media to raise concerns over the app’s Russian Developers and its potential privacy concerns. New reports suggest that though the app is taking lots of liberties with photos, it’s nothing over the top malicious, according to security researchers. By using the app, you are giving the developer access to use your username. Photos, and altered photos for commercial purposes and once you opt to use a photo, it is uploaded to a remote server for processing and not done locally on the phone. Despite reports, the app was harvesting all photos in a camera roll, security experts say that is not the case, and the photo is being uploaded to an Amazon Web Server, not to Face App servers directly. There is no clear indication that photos are deleted off of servers, even if you request it, so this may be a case of playing safe than sorry.


Netflix predicted the company would add more than 350,000 new subscribers in the US last quarter, but it actually ended up losing 126,000. Globally the company fell short of its guidance to investors, adding about a bit more than half of the 5 million new subscribers it projected. The streaming giant faces increasing competition from newcomers like Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus which will launch soon with their own catalog of content. The company also said it's not too concerned about losing its two most popular shows. CEO Reed Hastings says the departure of The Office and Friends to their own platforms frees up funds for the company to produce more original content.

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Just days after the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo announced a brand new Switch this morning, but don’t get too excited. The update looks to be pretty minor - bringing with it a bigger battery - and that’s it. FCC documents reveal there is a new processor in the new Switch as well, but we know little information on it and how it impacts performance.