Apple May Starting Paying Podcasters


A new report claims that Apple will soon be putting some cash behind select podcasts. Bloomberg reports that the company is reaching out to select creators and media companies to possibly fund future podcasts, though they would need to exclusively remain on Apple Podcasts, and not live on competing platforms like Anchor, Spotify, or Sticher. The report says Apple may be making this move directly because of those competitors - We know Spotify has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in acquiring podcast production companies like Gimlet Media as well as the podcast platform Anchor with plans to continue investing even more.


Sprint has begun notifying customers after a third-party data breach leaked some pretty important information. The cell carrier says an exploit in Samsung’s “Add a line” website gave unauthorized users access to sprint’s customers' personal info, including their phone number, account number, name, billing address, and more. Sprint says they’ve reset the pin numbers of compromised accounts and that the information leaked did not pose a substantial risk of fraud or identity theft, but customers disagree. This is the second time in recent weeks Sprint is dealing with a data breach - their subsidiary Boost Mobile had accounts compromised just a few weeks ago.


Apple is still cleaning up the mess from that zoom security scandal, issuing a second stealth update to fix the vulnerability remaining on macs. The update removed software installed by Ring Central and Zhumu that used the same technology as Zoom, leaving an exploit on the machine that would allow unauthorized access to the Mac’s built-in camera. Zoom issued an emergency path last week and Apple also sent a stealth update removing the contents that remained on the Mac.