Top Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals


Processor giant Qualcomm announced a new processor that will make your next phone a little bit faster. The Snapdragon 855 Plus is a refresh to the current Snapdragon 855 processor found in many high-end phones like the Galaxy S10 from Samsung. The plus model features a slightly higher clock speed and a reported 15% performance bump to the chips GPU, and support for the company’s 5G mobile data chip. The new processor should make its way into high-end smartphones over the next few months.


Apple’s website was down earlier today and despite much anticipation, it came back online with no new additions. Apple typically takes its online store down when adding a new product or before a big device pre-order, and although many were hoping today would be the introduction of the Apple Credit Card, that was not the case. Within a matter of minutes, the site was back up, with nothing new to show for the downtime. That credit card is expected to launch sometime this fall.