Amazon Building Alexa Robot For Your Home


Amazon is working on a robot for your home that may bring the futuristic lifestyle from The Jetsons and make it a reality. A report from Bloomberg says that Amazon employees are working on a secret robot that will be able to follow you around your house and is controlled by voice alone. Reports are sparse on what the robot will actually be able to do, but sources say the robot is about waist high and roams around freely on wheels, running a form of the Alexa virtual assistant for control. The report from Bloomberg also confirms that the company is continuing work on a new Echo speaker that will pack more components for a higher fidelity audio experience. The new speaker would compete with products like the Apple HomePod, Sonos Speakers, and Google Home Max. The products may launch sometime next year.


After being removed over a year ago, one big Hulu feature is back and ready to make your streaming content look better, with a catch. The company brought back 4K support for Hulu Originals, but it will only work on select devices, which at this point is either the 4K Apple TV or the Chromecast Ultra. Before it was removed in early 2018, 4K Hulu content could be streamed on and Xbox One or Playstation 4, but for an unknown reason, that is longer the case.


And it looks like Apple is sparing no expense when it comes to its new streaming platform. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that one of Apple’s original shows on the upcoming AppleTV+ streaming platform costs a whopping $15 Million Dollars to produce, for one 60 minute episode. Apple has numerous shows in production as well as already wrapped, and reports suggest the company is investing tens of millions of dollars into this original content, signing Hollywood favorites like Steve Carell and Jenifer Aniston, and award-winning directors like Steven Spielberg. The service is set to launch this fall.