Apple Suspends Top Secret Project


One of Apple’s long-standing top-secret projects may have just been stopped...for now. The tech giant has long been rumored to be building special augmented reality glasses inside the labs of its Cupertino HQ, but according to a report from DigiTimes, the resources behind the project have shifted. According to the report, Apple disbanded the team behind the project in May and members were reassigned to different teams. Big names like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo say Apple is working to bring these glasses to market as an iPhone accessory, but the speculated 2020 launch doesn’t look like it will happen


Apple has temporarily disabled the Walkie Talkie feature on the Apple Watch due to a security vulnerability. The switch was flipped late last night as Apple issued a statement to Tech Crunch, saying it was made aware of a vulnerability within the app that could allow people to listen in on other iPhones. This swift action was in stark contrast to just a few months ago when back in January Apple was a little late to issue a fix to that notorious group FaceTime bug that also allowed others to listen in on users iPhones without consent. No word on when the Walkie Talkie feature will be back online.


Google has revealed that they use humans to transcribe a small subset of audio data filled with questions being asked google assistant and we are now learning some of that data has been leaked. Google says that one of their language reviews violated security procedures and has leaked confidential dutch audio data. We don’t know what the leak pertained or its extent, but Google says its security and privacy teams are investigating and will take action