Nintendo Switch Lite: What You Need to Know


 Nintendo has unveiled a new edition to their portable gaming console lineup, bringing many of the most beloved features from the Nintendo Switch over to the new Nintendo Switch Lite. The new portable console packs the same design and form factor of the first-gen Nintendo Switch, for the most part, though as the name suggests, is missing a few things from its full-featured bother. It has a smaller 5.5 inch display and does not feature removable joys, a kickstand, or the ability to be switched into a dock mode and played on a TV. The new console is built to be played totally handheld, and if you can live without some of those extras, you can save some money. The Switch Lite will launch on September 20 for $199.


A major security issue with video conferencing site Zoom has been fixed, but not all is well. The vulnerability allowed malicious websites to access built-in cameras on Macs without any sort of user permission or knowledge. Zoom reportedly knew of the issue for months but didn’t roll out the emergency patch until the bug spread across social media. Apple has silently issued a patch that fixes the vulnerability remaining on all Macs.


AT&T is rolling out a new feature to stop unwanted robocalls in their tracks. The company’s call protect services allows you to maintain a personal, carrier level call block list as well as block and maintain its own telemarketer spam list. The feature has been around for a while, but thanks to new legislation, AT&T will be able to activate it remotely for all accounts.