Samsung Calls Galaxy Fold Debacle 'Embarrassing'


Samsung CEO DJ Koh is personally taking responsibility for the Galaxy Fold debacle, calling the incident “embarrassing”. Koh told the independent that he pushed the device before it was ready and that reviews discovered issues the company “didn’t even think about” and that is a direct quote. The company is reportedly widely testing internal Galaxy Fold devices to pinpoint remaining issues with the phone before it ships. Samsung has yet to release an updated timeline on when the delayed phone is set to go on sale, though many carriers have already refunded customers their pre-order amount.


ABSURD - That’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling a Wall Street Journal Article that surfaced some new revelations on the upcoming departure of Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive. According to the Journal, Ive had been growing increasingly distant from Apple, missing out on key meetings, working remotely, and growing increasingly frustrated with the company’s focus on operations over design. The article confirmed reports from Bloomberg that Ive was frequently not on Apple’s campus and was much less involved in the day-to-day operations of Apple’s design team. CEO Tim Cook responded to the article, reportedly emailing the author and calling the article “absurd” and reaffirms Apple’s design team is “...stronger than ever”.

And some One Plus phone users awoke this morning to find some disturbing, un-decipherable messages waiting for them on their lock screen. Multiple OnePlus 7 pro owners took to Twitter with screenshots of the garbled messages voices concerns about a possible hack. OnePlus eventually responded, saying the message was sent in error due to internal testing.