Project Stadia: Details Revealed

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NETFLIX FOR VIDEO GAMES? Not really….Google has revealed more info on their game streaming streaming service, clearing up some misconceptions. Project Stadia will bring the power of high end gaming PC’s to laptops, phones, and TV’s through the Google Ecosystem of Chrome browsers, Pixel phones, and chrome-cast tv dongles, allowing users to user just a controller and an inexpensive dongle or free browser to play console-level games. The service relies entirely on Google’s beefy cloud computing infrastructure, and while the service does stream games, Google wants to make it clear that this is not a game streaming service. Stadia will offer games at the same price as retail or other digital storefronts, but users can stream the game instead of downloading it. The service will launch with both a paid $10 per month 4K  Pro tier, and a free 1080P HD tier, with Pro tier launching in November, followed by the free tier in 2020.


The AT&T and TimeWarner May be coming soon with a large catalog, but it won’t be cheap. The company has reportedly abandoned plans to develop three streaming services in favor of creasing one that will combine content form HBO, Cinemax, and Warner Bros. The service would bring lots of good movies and TV shows, but would not come cheap, with a rumored price of $16 or $17 dollars a month. Compared to Netflix and Disney Plus’s $7 per month price, the service will have some steep competition when its set to launch in 2020.


Uber is launching a new ride sharing option in New York City - literally. Uber Chopper will offer up rides from lower Manhattan to JFK in a helicopter to pass right by all of that gridlock traffic. Starting July 9th, for between $200-$225 per person, users can book their flight up to 5 days in advance right from the Uber app.