iTunes Isn't Dead...Yet

RIP iTunes  Source: Getty Images

RIP iTunes Source: Getty Images

iTunes will live…on Windows

Apple has been long been rumored to kill off iTunes, it’s multimedia management, store, device update utility conglomerate that’s frankly become a mess over the years and the company officially did so yesterday with the announcement of macOS Catalina. Though iTunes will no longer be a part of the Mac, it still lives on, oddly enough, on Windows. iTunes will be replaced by its major components in separate apps, Music, TV, and Podcasts will each get their own stand-alone apps, similar to how it is on iOS, but that will not be the case for Windows. Apple has confirmed that Windows users won’t see any immediate changes, meaning iTunes will run as normal for the time being. iTunes is one of the only pieces of software Apple has ever made and continues to support for the Windows operating system, and that ongoing support and software update status remains unknown.

Spotify launches “Stations” app  Source: Spotify

Spotify launches “Stations” app Source: Spotify

Spotify launches Pandora competitor

In another effort to re-assert its dominance in the streaming music industry, Spotify is taking on Pandora with a random music shuffle streaming service of its own. The company launched its Stations App in the US today, allowing users to listen to a random assortment of music from different artists, genres, time periods, and moods. The app brings a radio style of music to users who don’t want to find an artist, song, or specific playlist but just listen to music. The app is free and is available to download now.

Hertz Renal Fleet  Source: Getty Images

Hertz Renal Fleet Source: Getty Images

Hertz Unveils $1000/Month Car Subscription Service

Hertz is launching a car subscription service that gives you access to its fleet of rental cars for one monthly price. Hertz My Car is the pilot program launching in select cities, giving users the option to pick from select sedans, small SUVs, and trucks - use them as their daily drivers - 2,000 miles allowance, and the ability to swap the vehicle out twice a month, all for $1000 a month. Hertz is also optioning up larger cars for those willing to pony up the cash as well as additional miles and more swaps if you a new car every two weeks just isn’t enough.