Buy a HomePod for $199


The HomePod is on sale for one of its lowest prices ever. If you have yet to pick up the Siri powered smart speaker, Target has them on sale for $199. The HomePod boasts lots of high fidelity audio components with lots of built-in algorithms to make music sound just right, but all of those features came at a hefty price tag of $350. Apple has since lowered the price of the HomePod down to $300, but this deal is even better.


Late breaking reports suggest Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive has been much less involved in the day-to-day design operations of Apple for a number of years now.   Sources say Ive started stepping back after the original Apple Watch launched back in 2015, commuting from San Francisco to Apple HQ in Cupertino only twice a week and relinquishing responsibility to colleagues. Bloomberg reports over the last 4 years Ive has primarily worked out of a studio space in San Francisco and has been traveling back and forth from London. Apple announced yesterday Ive would be leaving his role in 2020 to start a new design firm, a company that Apple has already hired for exclusive projects.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company’s new Mac Pro will be built in China, not the US. The affectionately nicknamed “Trashcan” Mac Pro used it “Built in the USA” moniker as a badge of honor, but after production issues and cost issues, it looks like the company will not be staying in the USA for the production of its next high-end machine. Many Apple products are built in China, so the move comes as no big surprise, though it does come during a time of high tensions between the US and China. Earlier this week, we heard reports that Apple may begin moving iPhone production out of China due to impending tariffs.