Will The Next Apple Watch Have a Camera?

Source: MacRumors

Source: MacRumors

The dream of making a FaceTime call from your Apple Watch may one day become reality. Apple has been granted a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for an Apple Watch band that has a camera built into the strap. That camera would pop up and face you,, sitting above the display, and could be used for FaceTime calls and even taking photos. It’s important to note that Apple files patents all the time, and most of the stuff they patent never comes to the market, but that won’t stop us from dreaming.


Apple has taken another big step forward in bringing more and more of their critical device components in-house. The tech giant has reportedly snagged a long time processor veteran from ARM and brought him on board, presumably to work on the company’s own processors. Mike Filippo joined Apple last month after leading the development of several ARM processors as well as being a former lead CPU and system architect at Intel. We have long heard reports that 2020 is the year Apple finally debuts their own processor, a move which could eventually move Apple desktops and laptops away from Intel entirely over the next few years.


One of Verizon’s little known secrets is about to become a lot more visible, literally. The company operates a virtual mobile network called Visible, which isn’t so much secret, but a service few have taken advantage of, until now. The service is offering uncapped, unlimited data at full speed, plus calls and texts for a flat $40 per month. The service was capping that data speed at 5mbps until today, and Visible says it will stay truly unlimited and without a cap for a limited time for both new and existing customers.