Microsoft is Working on a Folding Tablet


A Microsoft device running Android? Well, kind of…. New reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a dual screen tablet that will be capable of running Android apps. Codenamed Centaurus, the tablet is comprised of two 9 inch displays that presumably fold open like a book to combine for a wider screen tablet experience. Besides some cool hardware, we’re also learning the tablet may have some software tricks as well, running a Microsoft OS that is capable of also running Android apps natively. The tablet is rumored to be powered off of Intel processor and be 5G capable, but that’s about all we know right now.


September is shaping up to be a big month for Apple - We should see three new iPhones, the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, and maybe even an all-new MacBook Pro. MacRumors is reporting that the highly rumored laptop could launch as early as September, sporting a 16-inch display with a super high resolution and maybe even an all-new design. We’ve heard rumors for the past few months that Apple has been working on two new redesigned MacBook Pro models in 14 and 16-inch variants, though the timing would be strange. Apple just updated the MacBook Pro line with newer Intel processors and improved keyboards last month, so the timing for this is unlikely, but not at all out of the question.


And one of the world’s most beloved mini computers just got a little bit better. The $35 Raspberry Pie 4 was announced today that brings lots of big updates to the tiny computer. The new version of the Rasberry Pie is 4K capable with two mini HDMI ports, Bluetooth 5.0 support, a faster and more powerful processor, as well as the option to add even more - up to 4GB of RAM and USB 3 support. The Pie 4 starts at $35