Apple Recalling MacBook Pro Due to Battery Issues


Apple is issuing a voluntary recall of older MacBook Pros due to battery issues. The company says owners of 15 inch MacBook Pros purchased between September 2015 and February 2017 may need to get their battery replaced due to overheating and safety concerns. If you do own one of these computers, grab your serial number and head to the special Apple Support page to see if your machine is affected by the recall. I’ll have the link easily accessible over at right at the top of the page. Click HERE to see if your laptop is up for the recall.


Google announced today it is done making tablets, canceling two tablets in the works and going all in on Google made laptops. Google’s Senior Vice president of Software and Services tweeted Google’s hardware team will be solely focused on laptops moving forward, though he did clarify that the company will still be supporting manufacturers who continue to make ChromeOS and Android-powered tablets as well as the Pixel Slate. The announcement follows a few failed attempts from Google to make a big splash in the tablet space, the Pixel Slate announced this fall never became the success the company had hoped for.


Nest has fixed a critical bug that was giving strangers access to its indoor and outdoor security cameras. Users claimed that after selling their cameras, they were still able to obtain images and videos from the camera via third-party apps, giving them access to the camera’s new home with no authorization or knowledge from the new order. Nest says they have fixed the issue and no further action from customers is needed.