The Apple Credit Card is Coming Soon


Apple is rolling out internal testing of its upcoming credit card before it is publicly released sometime this summer. Bloomberg reports that Apple retail employees are among the latest to test the new virtual credit card as Apple works to squash any bugs and fix issues before the card becomes publicly available. Just a recap  - The Apple card will live primarily within the wallet on iOS devices and used as a payment option for Apple Pay both in stores and online. The card offers 2% cash back on all Apple Pay transactions, paid daily, as well as 3% on Apple Products and 1% on everything else. Apple is offering a sleek and minimal titanium physical card with no numbers on it, but we’re still not sure if that’s also launching this summer and how much it will cost.


Apple and Best Buy are teaming up to offer certified apple repairs to customers. If you have a broken Apple Product like a cracked iPhone or busted Apple Watch, you’ll now be able to take it to 1 of 1,000 Best Buys across the country to get it repaired, in some cases in the same day, by an Apple certified technician. The move makes sense as Apple’s retail presence is not nearly as dominant as Best Buy, opening up more locations for customers to get genuine repairs with the real deal Apple parts done by trained Apple certified techs.


Amazon is launching a new version of its Kindle Oasis that brings a favorite feature from your phone. The new Kindle Oasis will allow you to adjust color temperature for night time reading, giving you more a blue backlight during the day and a more orange/yellow tint at night. The feature is similar to a night time mode on phones, tablets, and computers, a feature which many customers praise for making it much easier to read at night given there is less eye strain with the color. The new Oasis is $250 and will go on sale on July 24th.