Redesigned MacBook Pro May Be Coming Soon


Apple has registered seven new laptops with Eurasian Economic Commission, a move that points to some new Apple portables coming somewhat soon. Apple just refreshed their MacBook Pro line with an improved keyboard and updated internals, but we continue to hear persistent reports from credible Apple Analysts that the company is working on both a 14 and 16 inch version of their MacBook Pro. This update is rumored to  bring an all new design, small bezels, Face ID, and maybe even, once again, a better keyboard. Apple’s MacBook is also overdue for an update, with rumblings that a new version of that computer could run on Apple’s own processor made in house, a first of its kind for a laptop.


An update to that Samsung Galaxy fold situation -- things are still not looking good. AT&T is the latest carrier to cancel pre-orders for Samsung’s premium folding phone. You might remember Samsung pushed back the release of the Galaxy Fold due to issues with the device’s inner screen after its durability and build quality was called into question after several journalists came forward with issues with their review units. Samsung has yet to release a new date for the phone’s release and AT&T is giving customers affected by this delay their money back plus a $100 AT&T credit.

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Verizon is launching a smart tracker that will give you pinpoint accuracy to locate your belongings. The $99 smart locator can go in a purse, bag, or even on a pet and uses a combination of Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, and a low bandwidth LTE signal on the Verizon Wireless Network that will help you locate your items. Verizon says the tracker has 5 days of standby battery time and the ability to share its location with trusted contacts. That critical LTE connection will cost $3 per month added onto your plan, but Verizon will give it to you free for the first year.