Google Confirms Pixel 4 Leaks Are the Real Deal


Google has confirmed that renders based on the leaked information of the new Google Pixel 4 are in fact the real deal, even releasing an image of its own. The move by the tech giant is pretty unprecedented, companies don’t typically own up to the leaks, especially not this early -  the new Pixel phone isn’t expected for another 5 months. Google tweeted an image confirming the square camera setup on the back with the caption “Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait 'til you see what it can do…” From the images, we can see the Pixel 4 will, in fact, have 2 cameras on the back, but that’s about it. We’ll have to keep waiting to see if anything about the front of the phone leaks out…


Uber is gearing up a new fleet of autonomous vehicles that are ready to hit the streets all on their own. The ride-hailing giant is once again teaming up with Volvo to modify their fleet of XC90s for use in a self-driving robo taxi service that aims to hit the roads in 2020. The company says the cars have lots of new safety features and emergency overrides that will keep riders safe while riding. The company has ambitious plans to roll out its fleet of vehicles during the next decade, though public perception is still clouded by that fatal 2018 crash involving an autonomous Uber vehicle that had a human operator at the wheel.


A new version of Apple’s iPhone XR is coming this fall with a battery boost. Apple already touts the lower-cost iPhone as having the longest battery life of any iPhone ever, and now it looks like it will last even longer. New reports claim that a 6% battery capacity increase is coming to the iPhone XR’s successor, meaning it would have close to the battery power of the iPhone XS, but with components less demanding, giving you more time to use your phone between charges. Not much else is known about the new lower-cost iPhone, rumors suggest the phone will retain its colorful shell but may get upgrades like a second camera and maybe even OLED display. The phone is expected to launch alongside the new flagship iPhone models in September.