Google Bluetooth Tracker Leaked


Google’s secret Bluetooth tracker may have just been uncovered. A search of recent FCC filings revealed the company submitted a Bluetooth tracker for approval - It’s been rumored that both Google and Apple are working on wireless tracking devices that can track bags, phones, keys, wallets, and other devices with a small piece of tech. Tile, the popular Bluetooth tracker has owned this market for a while now, but it looks like the competition will soon be heating up.


Apple’s iPhone Manufacturer says that if the iPhone was slapped with a 25% import tariff in the US, they would be capable of moving the supply chain elsewhere. A Senior Foxconn Executive told investors that the company has the capacity to build the iPhone outside of its main facilities in China, supposedly relying on other hubs in places like India to ramp up production to meet the iPhone demand. None of this may matter right now though, as it’s rumored that the new iPhones launching this Fall have or will very soon be going into production as Apple bolsters its inventory before the announcement and launch in September.


Some of the top sites on the web were down today due to a fatal flaw in Wordpress. The popular content management system is used by massive tech sites like 9to5Mac and TechCrunch, and even non-tech related sites like BBC America and Rolling Stone. Wordpress’s Hosted sites encountered server errors that forced them back to default website template, breaking many sites that rely on Wordpress and taking some down entirely. The issue has since been fixed and the sites have been restored after three hours of downtime.