Introducing: The Daily Byte


I’m a tech news junkie with a passion for broadcasting, a microphone, and an extra 30 minutes during my weeknights….so here goes nothing.

I’m excited to announce I’ll be starting up a daily tech news recap podcast called The Daily Byte. The show will be syndicated as a podcast across all major podcast platforms as well as available as a flash briefing on Amazon Alexa devices.

The premise of the show is super simple, I’ll be breaking down two or three of the day’s biggest tech news stories in a short 2-3 minute audio-only episode. No frills, no discussion, just a simple recap of the stories you should be aware of. The goal is to get these episodes up by 6:30PM PT Mon-Fri and they’ll stay available for 24 hours as a flash briefing for Alexa devices before being automatically updated.

You may notice there are already a few episodes on the feed. I’ve been doing some testing on the feed (for the Amazon / Anchor stuff) so you can give the posted episodes a listen to get an idea for what the show is all about. As with all things, I’m sure it will change over time, but the goal is to start simple. I’m open to any and all feedback / critiques. I’m not trying to change the podcast game or anything like that, I’ve just always been a tech news junkie and have often found myself searching for a simple recap of the day’s top stories I can listen to on my commute home.

And for the one or two of you who may remember, yes, I did pretty much this exact thing a number of years ago. During my summer breaks from High School, I would record a (somewhat) daily tech news recap called The Daily Tech News Wrap Up. The feed has long since been pulled from Apple Podcasts, but some of the videos still live on an old YouTube channel. It’s been a few years, but I’m ready to jump back in!

Robert RosenfeldComment